The Raid is the 2nd episode of Season 1.


Madame Suliman prepares an attack to another village with a giant Flying Battleship,meanwhile Fire Lord Sozin is raiding a village near the Fire Nation and prepares to destroy it Finn the human and Jake the dog travel to the past to hep the people with the use of Princess Bubblegum's Timemachine will this be the end of the war.


Madame Suliman prepares a raid near the villages of Ingary and destroying it, Madame Suliman in the Fire Nation Headquarters with the Fire Nation Generals prepare the quick raid at the other near villages in the Fire Nation Madame Suliman accepts it and then leaves the headquarters and prepares another journey to the to the Ingary with a special guest in her castle.

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Madame Suliman happy with her journey back to Ingary.

Meanwhile Fire Lord Sozin destroyed many villages but a man quickly tell the citizens to battle them for there homeland they quickly charged several Fire Nation Soldiers but many citizens were killed and injured they evacuate quickly and go to the Earth Kingdom to live there Fire Lord Sozin haved one the raid but he feels there is another one who could defeat him.

Finn and Jake travel to the past to help the people from the war by the use of Princess Bubblegum's Time Machine they quickly charged and destroyed man tanks and Fire Nation Soldiers they must be the hero who have been chosen to save the World.

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Finn and Jake exited to going in the past.

After Finn and Jake arrived Madame Suliman stayed and cancel her journey to Ingary because she senses a hero is in these lands and goes to the Fire Lord and let him know that there are heroes in the Fire Nation who will saved the people Fire Lord Sozin prevented it and let his Fire Nation Guards to spy the heroes in the Fire Nation will the heroes who where destined to saved the World defeat the Fire Nation ang gain peace again or will they be killed in the the battle the people of the Nations prayed to the heroes that he would win and gain peace and hope again.


  • Written By:
    • Ken Jasper Bormate
  • Directed By:
    • Xerone Bardelas
  • Starring:
    • Ken Jasper Bormate - Narrator
    • Jeremy Shada - Finn ( first appearance )
    • John DiMaggio - Jake ( first appearance )
  • Also Starring:
    • Hyden Walch - Princess Bubblegum ( first appearance )
    • Ron Pearlman - Sozin
    • Blythe Danner - Suliman


  • This is the first episode to have a cartoon starring in the credits.